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Friday, April 29th @ 7:00 PM: FOUR WAYS TO CREATE MORE ABUNDANCE – $20

Learn how to apply some of the Universal Laws (like the Law of Attraction) to help create more of what we desire in our lives, such as a new relationship, your ideal body, more
money, a new job, or even freedom from feelings you don’t want. These laws exist whether you are aware of them or not, or if you choose to apply them or not.
There are no lucky people and unlucky people. There are only deliberate and non–deliberate creators.

Call 631-860-4826 to register

Email or call us at (631) 223-2533 with any questions or to reserve your spot!

Class with our Guru Ma Mokshapriya Shakti Saraswati

Mokshapriya is an ordained Swami and has taught yoga, meditation, and philosophy for over 40 years. Come to the Yogashakti Yoga Center in Queens, NY, and let our Guru know that Harbor Lights Yoga is all about the journey!

Hatha Yoga Class – Sundays @ 10:00 – 11:00 AM, Chai tea afterwards, and a Sunshine Lecture from 11:30 – 12:30 AM.  Come for yoga or come for all.  $10


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