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September 18, 2009

Fall on the Harbor

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Undoubtedly Fall is my most favorite season! 

 After the rush of getting the kids back to school—life seems to “fall” into place.   Routine returns,  but with a new twist! 

The kids have new classes,  new teachers, new friends! 

For me as Mom and Anchor and yogi lover–I look for all the new opportunities to create balance in my life!

I have an urge to re- organize my home–after a long summer of sandy flip flops and easy going living–I begin to cook again–real cooking–spaghetti and homemade sauce and soy balls–{my kids go bleck! but eat them anyway} 

 I focus on getting the kids off on the right foot—ready for a new year of learning.

At work I re-commit myself to finding empowering and compelling news stories.  

And with my newset venture –Harbor Lights Yoga–I continue to listen –adjust and create–this beautiful space for all of us to practice yoga.

For me Fall is like a last chance to get your act together before the year ends!

So items on my  “to do” list–begin to haunt me—and yet the crisp blue skies, the temperate weather, the expected burst of color and crunch of leaves still keep me connected to what is most important.  I make it a mission to get the kids outside for walks, bike rides, hopefully some fall camping!

I force myself to leave behind some of the more ambitious  items on my “to do” list –{clean out the garage, attic and basement this weekend!!} and work on that  —“balance”–balance as I have said before is a tricky word.  For me it does not mean every thing is in equal parts–but instead each aspect of our lives —  in harmony. 

I may not be able to clean out the garage, basement and attic in one weekend–but I can begin work in the corner of the garage, set a time limit and then commit to  taking the kids on a bike ride in the afternoon. 

That harmony will bring about great change in your life.

Along with the hard work we all must do to keep our homes and our lives up and running–we must also find time to live.

With yoga, I have been able to quiet my mind–which then allows me to put my “to do ” list into a life living priority.

I see what I need to do–with more purpose and clarity.

And that is how Harbor Lights Yoga came about. 

I wanted to create a place for those who had never tried yoga–a space that was inviting and not intimidating.  A space where children were welcomed and families could practice together, a space where life could be lived!

We have many special events planned–A book signing with my dear friend and author Kerri Ann Brosky–her books Ghosts Of Long Island-and other historical books about Long Island will be available for purchase and signing!


Mister Sausage is coming to give us a lesson in cooking healthy italian food!


My dear friend and News 12 colleague Judy Martin will be holding meditations everyother Monday at 7:30pm starting October 5th.  Our focus will be prosperity in all phases of our lives!  You deserve success, and serenity!


I also hoping to hold a Harbor Lights Parking Lot Tag sale–to raise money for a Mission to Nicaragua to build homes and touch lives!

Don’t forget in October we will also have our Grand Opening Celebration Party and Yoga Day! {date tba}

Thank you for helping me make Harbor Lights Yoga a life giving space!

I wish you a bigger smaller life!

A life full of big moments of  joy –fun –laughter–coupled with smaller moments of  craziness–chaos–and missed opportunities!

Enjoy this Fall and don’t forget to look at the western edge of the Hunting Harbor where sun shines on a ridge of trees–leaving behind a rainbow of  fall colors!

You and your family are in my heart and in my prayers!


May 14, 2009

Happy Spring! Almost Summer!

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I can’t belive it has been so long since I posted my first blog for the website–and so this is way over due!

I am waiting for the construction to be finished, the studio is turning out beautifully!

It is airy, open, crisp and clean!

It looks like we are slated to open in about two weeks!

I am hoping to get it open before I go to Ecuador on a story May 28th with Long Island doctors and pre med students who are donated their time and talent to help heal the people there.

It should be an amazing story and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

In the meantime I hope to have the studio up and running!

I am looking forward to taking early morning classes with Marianne Davey–a hot yoga express class–{HYX}

I am trying to get it scheduled for 5:30–so that those of us that have to be at work can get our yoga fix in before work.

By the end of the week I will be posting our schedule and a list of classes.

One of my ideas is to have a family yoga class, where everyone is welcomed and it will be a blend of yoga practices. 

I want yoga to be available to everyone!

Anyone can do yoga–and if you try it, I promise you it will change your life!

I also want to do something at 7:30-8:00 that will feature special practices.

Belly Dancing, Yoga on the Ball, Pre Natal, etc.

I thought Friday nights we could have “Happy Hour” –yoga first, wine and cheese after!

I also have Yoga sail cruises planned for this summer and I am looking into yoga on the beach at nearby Brown’s Beach.

As you can see I am very excited about what lies ahead,  just around the corner!

Please check back for all of my grand opening information and for our schedule.

Tell me what you want and let’s do it!

I can’t wait for everyone to see the studio and  how beautiful it is!

I bought adirondack chairs for the front, little cabaret tables and some beautiful plants to make it feel like we are all somewhere special!

Speaking of special, I just interviewed Mike Massimino, one of the astronauts on the space shuttle Atlantis.  What a great literally down to earth guy!  And he is from Long Island!

He told me how he is bringing biscotti from LI in space and the home plate from the old Shea stadium!

I hope you will join me in praying for his successful mission!

He also shared with me how the planet looks from space!

He said when he looked at the Earth he realized that this IS Heaven!

I keep thinking of how brave and dedicated he and the other astronauts are!

and how Mike Massimino told me how honored he was to part of this mission, fixing the Hubble!

Because of their risky mission, we will get images from space that we have never seen before!

Mike told me he was not the smartest guy at school, but he dreamed big!

Mike made me realize we all have potential to change the world, in big ways and small.



Be The Change! You wish to see in the WORLD!cam90022233

Mike Massimino and I in Houston with the Hubble mock up.

February 20, 2009

Welcome To Harbor Lights Yoga!

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Thank you for your interest in Harbor Lights Yoga!

I am very excited about our Grand Opening scheduled for this April!

Construction is underway!

And we have the best  deals in yoga!

The signs are going up and the yoga instructors are emailing me their class schedules!

These teachers are the tops in their field, certified, insured and will offer an array of different style yoga classes!!

One teacher, Donna Landini,  emailed  me with some of the  amazing classes she offers:

“I offer workshops in Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga, Yoga on the Ball (very popular!), Anusara influenced, as well offering CEU’s to teachers. I am also a black belt in American Kenpo Karate, and offer Women’s Self Defense classes and workshops.
I still have to pick out colors–{thinking Pottery Barn/ Ralph Lauren, Nautical blue theme!}

I have two Moms who will watch our little ones in an enclosed play area {with lots of viewing windows, safe toys, books, coloring books, etc.} while we get to experience and hour or so of peace!

I have to choose sconces for the walls, some inspirational art work and I want to pick up some out door furniture because we have a nice patio in front of the studio, where after an intense yoga class we can hang out, have a cup of ice cold green tea, or walk across the street to Porco’s deli and get a tomato/avocado sandwich on rye!

{They promised me they would put it on the menu!}


After yoga, moms and dads can take their little ones over to park right across the street for a little fun on the play ground, stroll the harbor area and look at the beautiful sailboats or bring back lunch and sit under our shaded front porch!

Ahh summer time!!!–It is just around the corner–and I know Harbor Lights is going to be a great place for all of us to begin, or reknew our commitment to ourselves, our loved ones and our community!

Please send me your comments, ideas, opinions–etc.

If you have a friend that makes jewelery, maybe they want to put it on display or some one who is an artist and would like to display their work, let me know!

I want Harbor Lights to help all of us not only survive–but thrive!



Danielle Campbell

Danielle Campbell